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St Ives

Our first UK dive away from the shores of Dorset. The 10 to 20m visibility was a revelation :-)
Lots of colourful life, anemones galore, and sammy seal came visiting on a couple of dives :-))
Who needs the Red Sea with all this life, shame the water temperature was only 15 degrees.

Common Sea UrchinDahlia AnemoneJewel Anemones and Oaten Pipe Hydroids
Dahlia AnemoneActinothoe Anemone, Oaten Pipe Hydroids and Gooseberry Sea SquirtsElegant Anemones
Spiny Starfish close upA plethora of Dahlia AnemonesSome rather vivid Jewel Anemones
Velvet Swimming CrabGreen Jewel AnemonesYellow Boring Sponge
Orange Sea Squirt (Stolonica) A tiny Cushion StarCrystal Sea Slug
Another Sea UrchinA Spiny StarfishPainted Topshell, Star Sea Squirt and Jewel Anemones
Bloody Henry StarfishJewel Anemones, Sand Brittlestars and something orange!!Lightbulb Sea Squirts
Gem AnemoneScorpion FishDevonshire Cup Coral
Double Spiral WormLightbulb Sea Squirts and Scorpion FishAnemone Hermit Crab, cute !
Sammy says hello, ahhhhh.