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As this was the last holiday of our "Year Off" we thought we would do something a bit different and try some muck diving in Lembeh, with viz not much better than back in good old blighty, but with what is described as creatures that are Gods rejects!!! Well, they weren't wrong, there was weird stuff galore, and we still can't work out what we photographed in some pictures, but hey what an excuse to go back again. Second week was on the other side of Sulawesi around Bunaken National Park for some BIG wall dives, where viz was much better but photography was made interesting by some very fast drifts and erm.... interesting currents.

FrogfishJuvenile flying gurnardOrnate ghost pipefish
A very bizarre nudibranchHairy frogfish, honestNudibranch
Coconut octopus hiding in a clam shellPipefish in pink seafanShrimp in bubble anemone
Cowrie on soft coralSquid centralAmbon scorpionfish
Mantis shrimpYet another colourful nudibranchWinged pipefish
Back to weird nudibranchsA green lionfishA leaf fish
Mandarin fishWunderpusAn ostentatious nudibranch
An orange seahorseA pygmy cuttlefish, about the size of a thumbnailBarramundi cod
A pink pygmy seahorse - very shyClown snake eelGreen turtle
A very small hairy crab on a spongePorcelain crabWhite tipped reef shark
A giant frogfishComensal shrimp on sea slugScorpionfish that nightmares are made of
RhinopiasWe really did not upset him, honestA seamoth